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We’re here for you.
Schedule your personal tour today, or

Call us 1-800-546-3090

Whether you join us to recover from injury or surgery, to overcome short-term illness, or to live a full life despite disability, we get you stronger with a multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness.

Exceptional care for exceptional results.

Physical Therapy

Get back to yourself after surgery or push forward to overcome injury—our skilled, compassionate therapists walk with you every literal step of the way. Advanced modalities involve both cutting-edge equipment and the natural landscape around Northern Riverview, helping you regain mobility, increase strength, and improve function.

Occupational Therapy

When a condition or injury is keeping you from living your best life, our experienced therapists help you master/rediscover your favorite activities with minimal restrictions. Beyond improving all ADLs, we focus in on other personal things you used to enjoy, so we can get you back to every single enriching experience.

Speech Therapy

Our advanced speech therapy covers speech, language, swallowing, voice and other issues, empowering you to regain full oral and oratory faculties. Whether you’re recovering from stroke or need support for a lifelong impairment, we’re here for life.

RehabStrong Philosophy

Subacute Care

Working with each individual resident, we customize plans across a varied subacute menu:

  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Enteral NutritionTherapy
  • Noninvasive Vent Care
  • Post-Surgical PleurX Management
  • LifeVest Management
  • Comfort and Palliative Care
  • Respiratory Management
  • Diabetes Management
  • Wound Care and Wound Vac
  • Post-surgical Orthopedic Care
  • IV Antibiotic Therapy
  • Amputee Recovery and Training.
Health Programs

Activities of Daily Living

As yet another example of our respect for the bond between home and health, the Northern Riverview ADL suite is a cutting-edge real-life environment where residents receive personal, hands-on treatment while honing their skills around the home. Amenities include a full bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, washing machine and dryer, and other everyday residential elements.

Complex Medical Care

Northern Riverview is recognized by local hospitals as more clinically capable than the average rehab facility. That’s why they often discharge complex, comorbid cases into our caring hands. From wound treatment to pain management and beyond, our Complex Medical Care Program delivers all the skills and resources needed to maximize life expectancy.

Cardiac Therapies

Cardiac recovery is significant at Northern Riverview, with our reputation earned for an extensive program that integrates physical exercise, behavior modification, diet, and resident education. Individuals with heart disease rediscover a level of ability they long thought bygone, and get more out of every day.

Our philosophy: Never stop learning

As rehabilitative treatments continue to transform, we encourage our team to stay ahead of the latest developments through ongoing education and research. To ensure our approaches remain as dynamic and current as possible, Northern Riverview offers members a number of incentives to continue their education, which in turn benefits our residents and their families.

Our Team