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Welcome to Northern Riverview

We’re a community of friends, neighbors,
parents and grandparents getting stronger
together in the heart of Haverstraw.

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Results-Driven Rehab

With a mission to get you stronger, we focus on individualizing the perfect rehab plan for you. Our expert therapists utilize cutting-edge rehab technology to get you back home and back to the life you love.


All Together,

Northern Riverview delivers gifts of family, friendship and community all wrapped into one. Don’t make the rehab journey alone. Join our vibrant Center to discover fun activities, fast friends, kindred spirits, and round-the-clock care.


Not for Profit, All for You

With lower hospitalization rates and more discharges home, not-for-profits like Northern Services consistently outperform for-profit facilities. We have a better nursing-staff-to-patient ratio and spend more money per day on nursing staff, food, and other key quality-of-life measures.

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The best team, on your team.

Our skilled administrator, nurses and therapists are all focused on you!


Nurse-to-Resident Ratio

We maintain a large, tight-knit care staff to ensure every resident has more than one hands-on caregiver.


Onsite Medical Staff

From the usual to the unexpected, our clinical specialists are ready to care for all resident conditions.


Communication Across All Parties

The latest EMR and charting technologies live at Northern Riverview. All parties involved in care stay in close contact at all times.

The best rehab in Rockland County.

Northern Riverview offers the best rehab in Rockland County providing short-term care and long-term care alongside comfortable accommodations and refined amenities. If you or your loved one is looking for rehabilitation care that feels like family, you’ve found it.

Our mission

Dedication from the entire Northern Riverview team!

"The facility has experienced, high quality employees, and offers residents exceptional service. Would highly recommend it for those looking!"

Aaron Zelka, Northern Riverview

"I attempted to visit this facility in the middle of the covid pandemic, and they were extremely courteous and kind. They explained to me in great detail why I was not allowed into the facility, in order to protect its patients and the frontline health care workers in the building! Good for them and for the lives of the elderly and infirm they protect and enhance."

Mark Lipschitz, Northern Riverview

"My wife is in care at NRH. Since I am retired I am able to visit her daily. The administration has been hospitable. The healthcare professionals and aide staff are uniformly kind and helpful. I have visited dozens of care sites and this one is clean, efficient and caring."

Dan Lauffer, Northern Riverview

"This place is amazing. I’ve been working here for almost 2 years. We all work together to help the residents. Everyone here is very friendly. The environment is a very calming and it’s a nice place to work. The communication here is great."

Michelle Guzman, Northern Riverview


You are our inspiration!

Our residents share their individual journeys on the road to recovery.

Stronger Stories

Coronavirus Precaution

Per the New York State Department of Health revised visitation guidelines on February 22nd, 2021, facilities are required to be COVID-19 free and have no new staff or resident COVID-19 positive cases for a minimum of 14 days before renewing outside visitation. Additionally, there are specific guidelines regarding the number of visitors allowed at one time, dedicated space, infection control, and COVID-19 testing requirements for visitors.

If you would like to schedule a visit, please call 845-429-5381.

A comprehensive visitation plan is located at the facility.

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